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    We strongly encourage you to send your event information at least 10 days before your event.

    If you are sending an e-mail about an event that you are hosting, PLEASE be sure to include a text description featuring the title of the occasion, date, location, time and any special/featured guests. All events must have a physical location.

    You are also welcome to attach documents, graphics or photos to the e-mail (up to 1 MB, .jpg or .gif format preferred).

    We seek information about MAJOR hip hop, R&B, soul, comedy and jazz acts who will be performing in Las Vegas. We also welcome information about urban conventions, getaway weekends and local entertainment.

    Please allow up to three days for LasVegasSoul.com to post your information on our Website and/or Calendar.

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    If you make a donation, your event will automatically be listed as a “Featured Event” on LasVegasSoul.com and our Events Calendar.

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